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Dreams Fly By Waiting To Be Caught

If You Look Up In The Sky And Can't See The Stars, Look Tomorrow

Make Life More Manageable - Pick A Book With Short Stories

Enjoy The Feeling Of Having Nothing To Decide

Meditation Makes You Connected To A World You Cannot See

Love Is When Separate Petals Come Together To Make A Beautiful Flower

Think Less Into Tomorrow Or Back Into Yesterday

To Agree Is Easy

Listen To Another's Perception Of You

Before You Start A Sentence - Make Sure You Like The Ending

Opinions Are Good Conversation Starters

When It Starts To Rain - Put On Your Windshield Wipers

There Are Many Different Me's

Sometimes You Just Have To Step In To The Puddles

When You Are Obsessing Over A Thought - Pop Popcorn

Behind Every Bad Day - A Good Day Is Waiting Its Turn

Sometimes You Just Have To Stop And Find Your Head

Start Each Day Without Any Debt

Knitting Untangles My Mind

Strength Is Letting Others Into Your World

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