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My hope is that you will use these quotes as jumping off points for your own journal of thoughts. Use these quotes as writing prompts in your own journal or as conversations starters with someone important in your world.

LOL – Laughing Over Lemons – this sums life up in 3 words!

I had a LOL day about a few weeks ago. First, my car wouldn’t start – I had left the lights on. Then later that day I had forgotten eggs, so I went to the 711 at 10 at night. As I was opening the door – it was raining, I slipped and dropped the eggs! I turned around and the owner was very nice and gave me a new carton. When I got home, two of the eggs were broken! So that was my scrambled egg day! 

Looking back the next day, I did find it humorous in a frustrating way! At least I had enough eggs for breakfast and the eggs only broke in the foyer not in the living room! Some money was wasted for sure, but at least the owner was kind enough to give me a new carton! I made my friend, who was having a hard day, laugh, while recounting the story, so that “almost” made up for it! AND most importantly, I tried very hard that night to remember the saying “let the little things go!”

As I write this – which is why for me writing is so important – I now realize that I had had a disagreement with a family member earlier that day. SO, it was a lot easier to get upset over the eggs than deal with the real issues at hand. YUCK – life is too complicated! Can you see how something little upset you recently but was really hiding behind something big??

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