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Publication Date: May 22, 2020

Publication Description QuoteHope

  • Publication Title: All about me

Publication Date: Apr 27, 2020

Publication Description: HEAL: Humanism Evolving through Arts and Literature


  • Publication Title: Blackberry Memories

Publication Date: Jan 22, 2020

Publication Description: Wolf Poetry


  • Publication Title: Passionate Penholders: Winter edition 2019 ( "I see” )


Publication Date: Jan 1, 2020

Publication Description: Wingless Dreamer (available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle ) "I see"

  • Publication Title: "Mom"

Publication Date: Dec 6, 2019

Publication Description: Down in the Dirt magazine -


  • Publication Title: Me, my father and the angels (Journal Hektoen International)

Publication Date: Dec 4, 2019

Publication Description:


  • Publication Title: Twisted Tubes

Publication Date: Dec 2019

Publication Description: snapdragon - A journal of health and healing

  • Publication Title: Inside the mourner (Highland Park Poetry)

Publication Date: Nov 1, 2019

Publication Description:


  • Publication Title: The Hospital Room of Understanding -Intima - A Journal of Narrative Medicine

Publication Date: Nov 1, 2019

Publication Description:


  • Publication Title: "Longing for a mom"

Publication Date: Sep 2, 2019

Publication Description: The Moon Magazine

Publication Description: Poetry

See publication "Longing for a mom"


  • Publication Title: Mom

Publication Date: May 4, 2019

Publication Description: Anti-Heroin Chic

See publication "Mom"


  • Publication Title: "Once again, Twisted Tubes"

Publication Date: Apr 10, 2019

Publication Description: anti-Heroin Chic


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